The Wheel of Well-Being is a tool to tune in to all aspects of your life to create balance & alignment. 


Having access to and the ability to provide the basic necessities of life as well as contribute to you and your family thriving.


Creating trusting relationships with friends and loved ones.  Gravitating towards connections that promote a lifestyle aligned with your values.   


Building relationships in your community that promote your well-being and the well-being of others based on your beliefs, interests and hopes for the world 


Engaging your mind in ways that promote learning, your interests and promote how you interact with the world.


Surrounding yourself with beauty and nature that promotes calm and creativity. 


Awareness of how experiences may impact you and the ability to be resilient in challenging times.  


Connecting how you feel to your values and the ability and opportunities to express yourself. 


Experiencing physical health and wellness through nourishment and movement leads to greater energy and a strong foundation to carry you through your day. 


Learning and adopting self-care techniques and activities that promote rest, clarity and fulfillment of energy. 


Tapping into your passions and values to arrive at your purpose that gives you motivation, clarity & fulfillment.